Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama Marches Closer

Obama, with his Fired Up, Ready To Go soldiers continue to march gracefully towards the whitehouse, cheering their banners of hope and change. Barack Obama recently got the endorsement of John Edwards, and continues building his unbluntable momentum towards the nomination and towards complete victory.

Barack Obama has consistently campaigned on a platform of hope, change, unity, trust, and more. He has not taken any PAC or lobbyist money for his federal campaign, and has used the grassroots power of the internet to raising money from over 1.5 MILLION DONORS. That's 1,500,000 people who own a piece of the Obama campaign. Obama continues making history by tapping into pools of resources via the young and the smart, which have consistently lead him to great victories.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Why Barack?

Why choose Barack Obama for president of the United States of America? You don't see him swiftboating his fellow democrats. You don't see him negatively attacking his opponents.

You like positive things? You have to like Barack.